Letter from Sonia Canchillo, Bolivian Scholarship Student

Esteemed brothers and sisters,

First I greet you in the precious name of our lord Jesus Christ always blessing your lives and also blessings to your families wishing them always my best wishes and success en all the activities that you do daily in your church and for the Bolivian student scholarships.

Academic aspects.

Activity 1

Sorry - here a lot of technical jargon related to engineering experiments that I do not comprehend. The end states that some components were burned out and the experiments were redone until objectives were achieved.

Activity 2

In the subject of Organization and Methods there was a theme that called my attention which was re-engineering. R-engineering is a deep reconfiguration of the process that implies a whole vision of organization of which questions develop like why we do what we do? why we do things how we do them? of which part of the fundamentals of the work processes, re-engineering of processes is radical in certain ways, that searches for  the root of things and not only the management of processes but the search of reinvention with end of creating competitive advantages and innovation in ways things are done. A usual confusion is to equip the re-engineering with process of redesign or organizational designs, no confusion, these are processes and not the organization of the subject of re-engineering.

In few words the importance of re-engineering is established in that it is a vanguard methodology that in actuality a lot of enterprises are employing, that the principle objective is to improve the processes that are in it. The re-engineering is fundamental in the restructure of the organization.

I can understand that the re-engineering is to start at zero in the process, it is to say, all again, if something in the process is bad the ideal is to fix it o make drastic change that improves this process, that more than anything goes for macro or micro enterprises.

Family Aspects

Weeks ago I went out to the country with my sister Virginia to help my parents with their work, like already we are in winter and in this season the crone is already dry and needs to be collected which one Saturday we went down with my parents to collect the corn at 6 in the morning and arrived in place and we collected quickly later to return home for a delicious lunch prepared by my grandmother and sister this such tasty food cooked on a traditional fire stove that can’t be said enough, the food had a one of a kind(unique)  flavor. It was really very nice to spend time with my family even though one of my brother was not there.

Spiritual Aspects

Some days ago a brother from the Nazarene church 6 of July, invited me to a concert of a christian folk band Renovation Betel, was very nice to listen to the praises they preformed, this concert lasted 3 hours. At the beginning it started with a pray led by the pastor from Refuge Cafe after which continued with the praise of the groups first and second recordings. Really was a big blessing to see how they praised with distinct instruments and not only with voices. We should be thankful for the life and health the our heavenly father has bestowed.

Very thankful for the scholarship that you have provided from the Phoenix Monthly Meeting, it’s vey important for my academic formation that with your support I am able to take care of expenses generated in the studies like: travel, materials, books, photocopies. I will always be praying for you all, that your lives would be very blessed and that all goes well in your activities that you do day to day.

I say farewell very thankful, that God would illuminate and care for your lives.

With much appreciation,

Sonia Maria Condori Canchillo.


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